Mamacorabo                                                             Collaborative paintings by mother and son                             母と子の 一緒に描いた 絵の記憶



Rei and Riku, Melbourne based artist from Japan.
Rei is 43 year old mother,Riku is 5 year old son.

They are living and having the studio in the Yarra Valley.

Mother and son are making collaborative painting by beautiful natural materials,“Kakishibu” Japanese persimmon tannin, “Bengara” earth colours made from Australian and another country's soil,handmade papers and more. When son paints something,Mother can listen to his feelings from his drawings although he is not even talkative. `“Toy car painting” was made from son's inspiration.A toy car runs on paper and it draws a vibrant line.

Their paintings were highly appreciated and exhibited in the Melbourne City Library Gallery in July 2017.

Enjoy their music and  rhythm of art works.










Exhibition Rei Inoue and Riku
''Mother and son,our collaborative work”

at The Gallery at City Library  2-29 July 2017
The East Japan Earthquake struck in March 2011. Rei Inoue was working as an artist in Japan during this time, and struggled with uncertainty and confusion, and the very real threat of nature.
During Rei’s pregnancy a midwife told her “when you lose your way you should ask for guidance from your child in the womb, because an unborn baby is the existence that is closest to god.” Spurred by this response, Rei was guided to pursue a collaborative practice with her son. Using natural materials including “Kakishibu” Japanese persimmon tannin, “Bengara” earth colours made from Australian soil and Japanese handmade paper, the resulting exhibition is a spontaneous and unique exploration of artistic experimentation.
“When my son paints something I can listen to his feelings although he is not talkative. A toy car runs on paper and it draws a vibrant line. This is an answer; we can learn from children and we can grow with children. This is one of answers that can resolve complicated issues in the world. I hope to share such an answer in this exhibition.” – Rei Inoue

展覧会  母と息子4才児との共同制作展  2017年7月2日~29日  井上玲・りく

2011年3月、東日本に大きな震災が起こりました。 その震災によって人びとは忘れていた自然の大きさを、その脅威を知り、 多くの日本人は当惑し、迷ってしまったかのように思います。 なぜなら大人の答えがすべて正解ではないと分かったからです。 2012年に出産を経験した美術家井上玲も、迷い、苦しみました。 そんな時、妊娠中、助産院の助産婦が教えてくれました。 「迷ったら胎児に聞いてみたらいい。胎児は神様に一番近い存在だから」。 天然素材の美を探求する、自然、地球の音を聞く。 柿渋、ベンガラ、松煙墨。手漉き紙、羊の筆。 ベンガラには鉄分の多いオーストラリアの土も使われている。 まだ話すことが十分ではない子供の気持ちを絵画を通じて聞く。 おもちゃの車の車輪を使った線はきもちよく伸びる。トイカードローイングを3才だった息子は自分から考え出した。 子育てではなく、子育ち。大人が子どもに育てられること。 子どもに教えるのではなく、子どもから教わること。子どもから力をもらうこと。 それがこの複雑に絡み合った世界を紐解く視点ではないかと考え、 そんな視点を共有したいと願う気持ちがこの展覧会の主要な目的である。

[こどもの蜘蛛 Child Spider]  Bengara earth colors and handmade paper 2017
[こどもの蜘蛛 Child Spider] Bengara earth colors and handmade paper 2017

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